Stay At A Hotel Downtown and Not An Airbnb

Austin TX is a great city. Downtown Austin Hotels are excellent for family vacations and business travel. There are also lots of activities in the area. Hotels downtown are especially good for a short stay. Many people fly in on Thursday night and out on Friday night. You can find the best deals in the Austin Metropolitan area with a few quick Google searches. Hotels are a great alternative to staying in an Airbnb, that’s for sure. I had a horrible experience with Airbnb in early 2017. I’ll never use them again.

When I was relocating across the country, I rented a home on their website for an entire month. My family packed up the car and headed across the country, expecting to land in the place of our dreams. We thought we’d arrive at a clean, modern home and go from there. We had small savings, no jobs, family, or foreseeable income. We booked the Airbnb on our credit card and trusted we’d find our way within the month at our rented temporary home. Instead, we arrived at a home that was being renovated, and the owner was still living there. He even shared the bathroom with us. We rented an “Entire home/apt, ” and that was not the case at all. The guy also had a slew of former guests come through the home, blasted the TV until the early morning, and was suffering from PTSD. He was paranoid that we’d steal his things and wouldn’t give us a moment to ourselves. When he left the house for a moment, we called Airbnb seeking help and guidance. We were homeless in a foreign, without any more room on our credit cards.

Instead of helping, Airbnb assigned us a case manager, and we had to wait for four hours to hear back. Meanwhile, we’re thinking “Oh, they’ll at least offer a few nights stay somewhere else while we try to book another month long rental last-minute.” Nope! The case manager proceeded to help our host relist their home and then I received an email about 6 hours later offering a refund as long as we book through them again. I spoke with our case manager, and he issued me a $100 credit which wouldn’t even cover a night in this city. All that being said, just get a hotel. Save yourself some time and unnecessary drama. Staying at a hotel might even save your life.

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